Bringing Magic to Life...

We are writers, artists, creators making magic under starlight and moonbeams. We are the light in the darkness. With Moonbeams Magazine, Starlight Tea podcast, the Luminaries Circle, as well as virtual ceremonies and retreats, women's circles, spiritual programs and coaching, books, crystal jewelry, and more...our mission is to bring more magic to life and more light into the world.

...and More Light to the World

Welcome to Of Starlight & Moonbeams, brought to you by Ang'dora Productions, LLC. Coined by our founding author and translated as "gifts of the angels," the word Ang'dora refers to spiritual and personal transformation that brings light to one's Divine gifts, empowering her to create a life with purpose and passion.

Established in 2010, Ang'dora started as a publishing company for one of our founder's fantasy series. Since then, we have branched out to publish other authors' works, multi-author anthologies, and one of the largest shared-world projects in the industry - Havenwood Falls. We believe in magic and our books are bursting with it. After all, as Carl Sagan said, "Books are proof that humans are capable of doing magic."

Of Starlight & Moonbeams provides an outlet not only for our signed books, but for other works of magic - jewelry, aromatherapy perfume blends, crystals, metaphysical tools, and more. We also offer Moonbeams Magazine, our monthly magical lifestyle magazine, and Starlight Tea, our weekly podcast; and we provide energy healing and readings, spiritual and life coaching, women's circles, ceremonies and rituals, and virtual retreats.

We believe in Walking the Wheel of the Year to work and live with the seasonal energies at play in the world, rather than against them. Therefore, our collections change each season, and our product and service offerings can change every week. Check back often - or better yet, subscribe below - for new additions and free gifts.

Sending you many blessings filled with Starlight & Moonbeams.