How to Transform Your Life in Just a Few Hours a Month

How to Transform Your Life in Just a Few Hours a Month

How often do you promise yourself “me time” only to back-burner it to help someone else? Or to waste it away through escapism in mindless TV and social media scrolling? What positive changes could you make for yourself if you could take just a few short hours a month for you?

“A few short hours a month?” you say. “That’s not nearly enough time to transform my life into the one I want!”

Oh, but it is. I guarantee that in the right circumstances and with guidance and support, you can do it. You only have to commit to you.

That’s often the hardest part, though, isn’t it? Allowing yourself to commit time and energy to yourself. There’s too much to do. Way too many more important things on your plate.


More important than you? Than your health and well-being? Than being the highest version of yourself? Than being able to serve others from a place of love and high-frequency energy and not from a feeling of obligation with the last dregs of energy you possess?

When you ask someone else for help or a service, would you rather they respond with joy and enthusiasm, excited to help you out, or with an exhausted sigh as they give you the last vestiges of energy they have to offer? How does that make you feel when it’s the latter? It’s uncomfortable at best, and there’s a good chance you’d rescind your request, right? You can’t fathom putting that drain on someone else, especially someone you care about. Why would you expect differently from yourself when serving others?

This is what we mean when we say, “Serve from the saucer, not an empty cup.” When you fill your cup to overflowing with boundless energy and love, you are able to give more to others, not less. You’re able to give them and yourself your best, rather than everyone only getting remnants because that’s all there ever is. There’s never a chance to fill back up.

When looked at this way, it kind of sounds insane, doesn’t it? That we give out crumbs because that’s the best we ever have to offer. So let’s change that around! Come discover what it’s like to give to yourself so you have more to give to others. Even if shifting this belief and behavior pattern is the only transformation you make from all that OSAM has to offer, you’ll find it life-changing.

But I know you’ll experience more. We offer so many ways for you to give time to yourself that will transform you and change your life—creating one that is full of peace, love, and magic.

How to give yourself a few hours a month:

You may feel like a few hours a month is still not enough—you’re experiencing the changes you want but you still want more. I’ve been there, so I get it! Awakening to our gifts and our highest forms can become addictive—in a good way, of course. As you can see, there are many ways you can give to yourself just through Of Starlight & Moonbeams, and endless ways wait for you beyond. If you have the time and resources, by all means, be true to your heart and your soul. A few hours a month is an easy way to begin, though. It’s not a huge commitment, which makes it doable. And once that becomes norm, then you can decide how much more time you want and need to give to yourself. Just remember: You and your loved ones deserve it!

With blessings of Starlight & Moonbeams,


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