Collection: Fall 2022

"Autumn embraces change, even as she is falling to pieces." ~ Angie Weiland-Crosby

Is any season more beautiful than Fall, with its vibrant colors of farewells, its deep mysteries of death and darkness of decay? We celebrate now a bountiful harvest of our abundant Summer crops, but perhaps we love Fall so much because it's also the season of release ~ of letting go of the old that weighs us down. It's the season of the witch, of magic and mystery. The time when the veil between worlds and dimensions thins. The season of turning to our shadows to discover the gifts within our wholeness and for connecting with our ancestors for deep, generational healing and empowerment.

Our Fall Collection offers new bracelets made of crystals that harness the energies of Fall, Water, shadow work, and ancestral connection. We also bring new stickers and magnets perfect for the season of the witch, Halloween, and Samhain. And we've curated our favorite books for Fall from Ang'dora Productions.