Collection: Summer 2023

Here we grow again! Plant life is in full bloom, growing tall as they reach for the light of the sun and digging their roots deep into the rich soil for nutrients. No longer wobbly babies anymore, animals rapidly grow toward maturity while still learning from their mothers how to live in this world. The sun is hot. The storms are electric. The crash of the waves on sandy beaches is like a lover's call, with promises of excitement and relaxation all at once. With the season's Fire energy blazing our paths forward, Summer is all about growth, progress, action, and tending to our crops (goals) as we move toward an abundant first harvest.

Our Summer Collection brings Moonbeams Magazine Summertime issues, books from Havenwood Falls, and bracelets with the healing energies of Summer and Fire. We continue to grow this collection, adding as much abundance as we can before harvest season begins.