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Moonbeams Magazine is open to submissions. Topics may include (but certainly aren't limited to):

Spiritual awakening

The spiritual journey

Witch life

Practicing the craft

Divine Feminine

Women's empowerment



Sound therapy/music

Soul healing/shadow work/inner child work


Creativity and the arts

As long as pieces are magical and/or spiritual in nature, we are open to considering:

Informative articles (incl. history, mythology, traditions, how-tos, etc.)

Interviews and profile pieces

Inspirational personal stories and magical musings

Short-form fiction or book excerpts


Craft ideas/how-tos

Altar suggestions

Rituals & Spells

Round-Ups (e.g., Top 10 lists, 5 Things to Know About ____)

If you're in doubt about your idea, shoot us an email about it. We're happy to discuss and, if necessary, brainstorm how your idea or area of expertise can fit in with our magazine.

If you'd like to contribute something, drop us a line for issue themes and deadlines.

Do you offer a product or service that our readers would love? Contact our Advertising Manager for information on advertising space.