Escalate Your Manifestation Work by Spring Cleaning Your Business

Escalate Your Manifestation Work by Spring Cleaning Your Business


This piece first appeared in the March 2023 issue of Moonbeams Magazine. Read the whole issue here.

We all know that with Spring comes Spring cleaning—that time of year to clean out all the gunk accumulated over Winter so we can welcome in the fresh air and new beginnings that Spring offers. The tradition started back when our ancestors opened up doors and windows for this first time since Fall to air out their cottages, huts, and cabins while they cleaned every surface where smoke, coal residue, wood chips, dust, and cobwebs had gathered over the Winter. With cleaner and more efficient heat sources and better cleaning and sanitizing practices, these days Spring cleaning is more about decluttering, putting away the Winter gear, and doing those things we tend to put off—cleaning filters, behind the appliances, etc. The goal is to scrub out the old so we can make way for the new. While you’re at it, be sure to cleanse the energy of your home and spaces, too.

Have you ever extended this practice to your business? I’m not only talking about your physical space by giving your office a good cleaning. I’m also talking about your business’s energy. Like our energetic bodies, our business’s energy can become clogged up with accumulated gunk. A disappointing product launch, an unsuccessful or unfinished product, a difficult client, a downturn in sales and revenues—these can all create emotional responses in us that form limiting beliefs (e.g., I’m not good at X, I can’t do Y, or I’ll never achieve Z), and these in turn build up as complete blockages to our manifesting efforts.

I discovered this about my own business last year and created the following ritual to cleanse my business and workspace both physically and energetically. After the first time I did it, I felt a sense of high vibration energy rush through me and my business, which manifested in reality the very next day when I was awarded the equivalent of a $2,000 grant. The next time, I was able to secure, after years of trying, a highly sought after and very limited opportunity that can mean thousands of dollars in new revenues in the coming months. The ritual works, and while it can be done anytime throughout the year and as many times as you feel it’s necessary, right now at the beginning of Spring, we have even more potent energy to support our efforts.

You will need:

  • Time to be alone in your business/workspace for at least an hour or two
  • Access to your physical and computer files
  • Access to all of your business-related accounts and apps—bank accounts, bookkeeping app, vendor accounts, client management systems, marketing apps, social media, calendar, etc.
  • Access to any other tools and supplies you use in your business
  • Your preferred method(s) to clear and cleanse energy: Sage or other plant you use for energy cleansing and a lighter; sound tools; etc.
  • Paper and pen

You may also want the following or anything else you use to set your space for ritual work (try to incorporate all of the senses and elements):

  • Candles
  • Essential oils for diffusing and/or anointing
  • Meditative music
  • Crystals (selenite, black kyanite, black tourmaline, and shungite are excellent choices for cleansing and amazonite is good for electronics)

Start by energetically cleansing the space and casting a circle using your preferred methods as you would do at the beginning of any ritual. Call in any supportive spirits and guides you work with, the directions and elements…again, however you prefer to begin.

Once you’re ready, sit in meditation for a few minutes as you energetically connect to your business. Feel into your passion and love for what you do, the big why that keeps you motivated, the joy and satisfaction you receive from serving through your business, the accomplishments you’ve achieved.

When you’re ready, bring your focus to those parts of your business that have been challenging—the disappointments, the losses, the hard lessons…whatever has happened that has created low-vibration emotions, such as shame, anger, grief, and fear. Really feel into the emotions surrounding these events, including the resentment, the anger, the sadness, without suppression and without judgment of the circumstances or the feelings. Allow the tears to flow or the scream to erupt, for these are ways of releasing that pent-up energy.

Once the emotions have moved through you, release them as well as the events and situations that they rose out of. You can do this by placing your hands on the floor and directing the energy into the Earth for transmutation. If you’re practiced in using a crystal Vogel or other tool for extracting, you can do that as well. You can write everything down and burn, bury, or otherwise destroy the paper. As you release, be sure to be grateful for the lessons learned and the experiences that have helped you grow in one way or another.

Next, cleanse your physical space. First, do any actual cleaning that needs to be done—dusting, sanitizing, decluttering, etc.—doing it with intent and purpose to bless your business. Then, using your preferred method for energy cleansing (smoke or sound), travel around your space, sending the smoke or sound through to every corner and over every desk, chair, shelf, closet, computer, printer, other equipment, tools, supplies, products, etc. Open your file drawers and cleanse your physical files. As you do this, envision clearing out all old, stuck energy, releasing all painful memories and emotions, and feeling gratitude for all the good these physical items have brought to you.

After cleaning the physical side of your business, cleanse the virtual and the digital. Sitting in front of your computer, open each of your computer file folders and wave the smoke or sound at your screen, envisioning it cleansing the electrical energy and clearing out any blockages. Then move on to your apps and your online accounts. One by one, open and cleanse. With each folder, each app, each account, release and clear out anything that doesn’t serve (low-vibe energy, painful memories, resentment, anger, attachment to outcomes, etc.) and express gratitude for what you have gained and for their service. This can be monotonous and time-consuming, but try not to rush or cut corners. Ritual work is about being detailed and deliberate with your intent and your actions. Take as much time as you can and need.

Once you’ve cleaned out every physical and virtual/digital space related to your business, sit back in meditation and become aware of how you feel now in connection with your business. Does it feel clearer? Cleaner? Do you feel a renewed sense of love and passion for your business? A flow of refreshing energy? If you notice any lingering blockages, address them now while you’re in the space (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic).

When you feel nothing but open, free-flowing, beautiful energy within and surrounding you, take some time to speak gratitude into your business. Thank it for everything it has provided for you, for everything you have learned, for the financial support it has given, for the connections you’ve made to others because of it, for the rewards and sense of accomplishment. Thank it for everything that is still to come. Set your intentions for what you want to manifest next, using present-tense verbs, as though you already have it all, and again say thank you. Speak them and write them for extra power.

You can close out your ritual here, or, if you have time and feel called to, you can take advantage of this beautiful energy to write out your business goals for the next year or ninety days, the next season or month. Infuse the clean, fresh, passionate energy into these new goals by closing your eyes and directing the energy into the paper or the screen.

Finish with a knowing in your heart that all is well and blessings are coming for you and your business. When you’re done, close the ritual and release the circle as you would normally do. Release any extra energy into the Earth and ground yourself. You may find washing your hands in cold water, taking a walk in nature, or eating something to be helpful in grounding and centering.

I hope this ritual brings you as many blessings as it has for me. I would love to hear about your experiences if you want to share them. You can email them to or share on social media.

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