The Luminaries Circle


Do you love what we're doing and want to be part of our growth while enjoying some amazing benefits? Do you want to join us in spreading the magic and the light? If so, we invite you to become a member of the Luminaries Circle!

The Luminaries Circle is our founding members council, an exclusive and limited time offering to be a part of the tremendous growth that is coming to Of Starlight & Moonbeams. Just look how far we've already come since late 2021 (and with limited resources!):

  • Started as a Facebook page to support authors participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)
  • Established a creative community Facebook group
  • Created this website and opened shop
  • Started providing life and spiritual coaching services
  • Hosted our first virtual retreat, women's circles, and holiday ceremonies and now offer them monthly
  • Launched Moonbeams Magazine 
  • Launched Starlight Tea podcast
  • Established the Luminaries Circle

And we've only just begun!

We have a long list of ways we want to grow.

More retreats, workshops, publications, group programs, bonus podcast episodes, tutorials...

Expanding the shop to include more books, crystals, jewelry, aromatherapy perfumes, and other tools...

Growing our coaching and wellness services...

Plus being able to offer scholarships and special programs for marginalized teens and women in need...

Did we mention our list is long?

Everything we do is interwoven with the intention of supporting women ~ women like YOU ~ in reclaiming their power and their light, so they can step into living their lives with passion, purpose, and peace while spreading the light to others.

The mission Of Starlight & Moonbeams is to support gorgeous souls like yours to:

  • Rediscover your purpose and the work you're meant to do while you're here in this world
  • Reclaim your voice, your power, and your worth
  • Reignite your passion for your art, your relationships, your life
  • Reconnect with your inner wisdom, intuition, Higher Self, and Divine Source
  • Create the life you desire, full of peace, joy, love, and art
  • Discover the tools and modalities to heal old wounds and navigate stormy waters still to come
  • Make deep, lifetime connections with other beautiful souls

Ultimately, we hope to reach 77,000 women with our offerings, and our BIG DREAM is to have a physical space that provides lodging, food, and inspiration for individual escapes (to finish that book, plan the next big thing, or simply rest and heal) and for group retreats, workshops, and ceremonies. 

As a member of the Luminaries Circle, you will be joining this growth from the ground up ~ while also receiving a slew of rewards along the way! This is a limited time offering for those people in our community who truly believe in us, love what we're doing, and want to be a part of it.

For a one-time contribution, you will receive a lifetime of benefits that support, guide, inspire, educate, and entertain as you navigate your personal spiritual and healing journey, including:

  • A free lifetime subscription to Moonbeams Magazine when we transition to a paid format (valued at $55/year)
  • Free lifetime access to New Moon and high holiday ceremonies (valued at $132/year)
  • Lifetime access to online circles, ceremonies, helpful printables, guided meditations, workshops, and more exclusively for the Luminaries (valued at $500+/year) 
  • First look, early access, and special discounts in the shop and for offerings such as retreats and group programs
  • Special and exclusive discounts with some of our service partners, including readings and healing sessions
  • Opportunities to provide input on future offerings, programs, and products (maybe even test some!)
  • Surprise gifts
  • Other exclusive benefits we plan to add in the future
  • PLUS two complimentary 45-minute coaching/healing/reading sessions from one of our providers, to be scheduled before the end of 2023 (valued at $176+)

As you can see, the value of just one year of membership far exceeds the one-time contribution and you get a LIFETIME. You might even think we're crazy! We won't necessarily argue that point, but in this case, there's a reason to our madness. See, it's important for us to recognize those souls who truly believe in us so much so that they're willing to give us a financial boost when we need it most ~ in the beginning when we're still in launch mode.

Your contribution also enables us to continue providing low and no cost offerings to the community so we can not only grow, but we can also reach those people who need what we offer the most ~ those in challenging times who want to do the healing that will turn their lives around. We want to honor you for your generosity and kind heart!

The doors to join the Luminaries Circle are open for a short time only, and once they close, they're closed forever. We won't be re-opening them to new members ever again. This is your one chance to become a Luminary and be a part of changing lives ~ yours and others'.


We thank you now, in advance, for your support and your belief in us. We will do everything within our extraordinary power to exceed your expectations. Blessings to you full of Starlight & Moonbeams.