Collection: Anointing Oils & Perfume Blends

Humans have been anointing themselves with precious sacred oils for thousands of years. Essential oil blends predated and became the basis of perfumes, fragrance oils, and air fresheners of the modern day. Scent is a primary recall tool, bringing forth memories, feelings, and emotions almost instantly, and because essential oils are small enough to pass through the blood brain barrier, they directly serve our emotional, mental, and physical health, making them a key component in aromatherapy.

Our anointing oils and perfume blends are created with sacred intention, using the best oils specially curated for the energetic purpose we desire, combined into a beautiful fragrance because we are more likely to use them when they please the senses. They are also infused with crystal and sometimes botanical energy, as well as Reiki energy by our in-house Certified Reiki Healer. Use our sacred oil blends for anointing yourself in a ritual space, for aromatherapy applied to your skin, hair, clothing, or for diffusing into your space.